Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visions of Ireland: the Road to Tipperary

After arriving in Shannon, we head towards Limerick, then down the N24 through Tipperary Town towards Clonmel, before heading south to Newcastle.

Old ruin by the side of the road in Pallas.
Ireland is full of ruins. People seem quite happy to have 
something centuries old staring at them everyday.

The sign welcoming us to County Tipperary, 
always brings memories of previous trips and how 
close we are to Clonmel

Famine Graveyard, Tipperary Town

Ghosts of the famine are everywhere.
In seven years, from 1845-1852, Ireland's population
decreased by 20-25% and has never recovered since.

This graveyard had a famine hospital next to it 
where the dying could see where they would soon sleep. 
There's also a memorial to unbaptized babies who were not allowed
to be buried on consecrated ground.  
Families either buried them on the fence next to the graveyard, 
or secretly in the graveyard, in the dark of night.

Abandoned (and since rebuilt) cottage in Newcastle, Tipperary.